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Ah Moon, hailing from Myanmar, is an acclaimed artist recognized both nationally and internationally. Her notable achievements include being listed in Forbes' prestigious '30 Under 30 Asia' in 2018. Initially a member of Me N Ma Girls, Myanmar's pioneering all-girl pop band, Ah Moon ventured into a successful solo career with her debut album 'Min Pay Tae A Chit' in 2014, garnering critical acclaim within the country.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Ah Moon has displayed her acting prowess in the film "The Mystery of Burma: Beyond The Dote-hta-wady" (2018), where she made her debut as the lead actress. The film enjoyed immense success in Myanmar and was also screened in major cinemas in Thailand and Singapore.

Her contributions extend beyond the entertainment realm. Ah Moon's involvement as the Music Channel Ambassador for the nationwide broadcast Canal+ and her appearances on popular TV networks have earned her household recognition within Myanmar. Notably, in collaboration with Ar T, she released a localized version of US pop sensation Jason Derulo's track 'Colors,' the official Coca-Cola anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Ah Moon's career began with her participation in Me N Ma Girls, the first international pop girl group from Myanmar. The band's performances spanned across Southeast Asia, Europe, and America, attracting extensive media coverage from prominent outlets like CNN, BBC News, ABC News, MTV, and The New York Times.

Inspired by her invitation to the 'Women in the World Summit' in 2013, where she shared the stage with luminaries such as Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep, Ah Moon dedicated herself to utilizing her artistic platform for the betterment of those in need in Myanmar. She serves as an ambassador for the Myanmar Kindness Foundation, a charity group focused on healthcare and education, and actively participates in activities promoting female empowerment and fundraising concerts for war victims.

Ah Moon's decision to embark on a solo career in 2014 led to the release of three albums: 'Min Pay Tae A Chit,' 'Automatic' (produced by Grammy-nominated producer/composer Luigie Gonzalez), and 'Very Dangerous.' Recording songs in both Burmese and English.

Being recognized by Forbes as part of the '30 Under 30 Asia' list, she has been honored and invited to events in Israel, Hong Kong, and America. Ah Moon performed at Forbes' Under 30 Asia Summit in Hong Kong in 2018 and 2019.

On June 17, 2022, Ah Moon performed at the Peace Ceremony Concert, a Benefit Concert for the United Nations Refugee Agency in Myanmar, held in New York City. Currently residing in Paris, she is actively producing new music for her dedicated fan base. Ah Moon's future aspirations revolve around continuing to serve her fans with her artistic talents while raising funds and awareness for people in need in Myanmar and around the world.

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